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Gibraltar provides acquisition and development capital for residential real estate through four distinct, flexible platforms

Since inception, Gibraltar has established strong programmatic relationships with some of the country’s most respected national, regional, and single market homebuilders and land developers. Gibraltar works with each of these sponsors to efficiently capitalize the acquisition and “horizontal” development of residential projects. By investing throughout the capital stack and employing four unique platforms, Gibraltar is able to meet the needs of builders and developers – both large and small, public and private – across the U.S.

In addition to strong financial underwriting capabilities, Gibraltar has a robust knowledge of the nuances involved in project entitlements and approvals, land development activities, and the positioning, sale and construction of homes in markets throughout the country. As former builders and experienced developers, we understand your business, and approach each investment with our sponsors’ perspective in mind.

Land Banking
(Structured Lot Option Financing)

  • Current or accrued pay deals
  • Non-recourse
  • Builders may realize off balance sheet treatment
  • Benefit of just-in-time inventory
  • $5 million minimum A&D cost
  • 18 to 48 month option terms

Senior Loans

  • Non-recourse A&D loans
  • Flexible release pricing and other terms
  • Up to 75% advance rates
  • Borrowers can use hard builder deposits towards equity requirements
  • $10 million minimum loan size
  • 12 to 48 month loan terms

Joint Venture Equity Investments

  • Partner with developers, selling improved lots and pads to builders
  • Can be a 50% to 90% JV partner
  • Preference for lot sale agreements in place with builders
  • $10 million minimum equity investment
  • Up to 60-month project term

Direct Development

  • Acquire and develop land (directly or through fee developers) already controlled by a builder or other third-party
  • Sell improved lots to builders on rolling option terms
  • $10 million minimum investment
  • Up to 60-month project term
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